Whole Body Prayers is my professional teaching, caregiving and celebrant service, born out of my practice of yoga.  Yoga, as in, the direct participation with life; or the things we do to take care of creation.  Its practice is to nourish and nod in the direction of life's mysterious source - a whole body prayer to life.

After a decade of inquiry into and practice of yogic traditions, I learned of the profound impact of the events of the postpartum on the well-being of a woman and her family.  Urgently, I turned my organizational work toward cultivating community among new mothers and my professional work toward offering optimal care to women during the weeks after childbirth.  Suddenly, this seemed the most sustainable place to direct my energy.

After a decade of serving women during the childbearing season, I have come to believe that the connection between the support a woman receives after childbirth and the future health and well-being of the planet ought to be considered at the highest levels of academia and public health.  I found the work of postpartum care to be beyond the job of one woman - it requires a village - and think that the philosophy and best practices of postpartum care must be taught on a community level, far and wide.  Urbanization, industrialization, globalization and policies of evacuation have deeply disturbed, if not eliminated entirely, human traditions of maternal care the world over.

As death made its way into my professional and personal life, I witnessed parallels in our approach to birth, health, and death.  I have a curiosity over how much we actually trust our bodies, ourselves, and what there is to do about it.  To what degree do we seek professional help in all matters of body care, from hairstyling, to doctor visits, to death?  In an effort to understand this matter full spectrum, I am preparing myself to serve the dying and bury the dead in the place where I was born.  Wherever healing arts meets the funeral industry, I intend to go.

I have listed my services are below.  Today, I am most available for holistic childbirth preparation consulting and mind-body education for all ages and phases of life.  Through the summer of 2019, I am offering yoga and qi gong classes in my neighbourhood in Etobicoke, Toronto.  Please contact me for more information. 

I am a registered teacher with the Canadian Yoga Alliance and practitioner with the Ayurveda Association of Canada.  Whole Body Prayers is registered for business in the province of Ontario.

First Foods

This photo was shot just as I approached new mother Lisa Jansen and  baby boy Bridger with a nourishing postpartum drink, February 4, 2016, in Flagstaff, Arizona.  While Lisa was birthing, I was in the kitchen preparing her first foods and culinary staples for the coming days.



Heart of Yoga

I teach the foundations of hatha yoga  - breath, movement and posture - adapted to the individual.  

Doula Service - Childbearing Support

Informed by the deep traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda, I teach women, their families and their communities how to prepare for the childbearing season, pregnancy through  postpartum.  I offer prenatal education, birth support and  holistic postnatal care.

Juggling for Self-Realization

Play creates a state of relaxed concentration.  It clears and focuses the mind, and is a boon to the body and mood.  As a practice, it can serve as a tool for sanity and self-study, balance and coordination.

Curated from a lifetime of yoga, martial arts, dance and  prop manipulation practice, I offer instruction in juggling, hooping, and poi or staff spinning.

Celebrant Service

I coordinate community celebrations and ceremonial performance, the likes of prenatal birthing ways, postpartum closing-of-the-bones ceremonies, seasonal and memorial rituals.  I offer celebratory, participatory hooping and juggling, as well as stilt-walking and fire-dance  at gatherings of all ages, at private or public events.