I am a student of funeral services at Humber College in Toronto.  I completed my coursework in April, 2019, and am currently seeking an internship position as I work toward a Class 1 Funeral Director license on Ontario.  

I am continuing my education and growing community and death awareness in a number of ways.

I have been employed as a Funeral Director Assistant at Kopriva Taylor Community Funeral Home in Oakville, Ontario since Spring, 2018.

I am a Director of the grassroots nonprofit Canadian Funeral Peer Support (CFPS), having begun a 2-year term in May, 2019.  I was invited to this student position through my student organizing while at Humber College, where I founded the Casketeer Club for social and academic support among my classmates.  

I am the hostess of a monthly Death Cafe in Mississauga, ON.  Death Cafe is a open public meeting to discuss death.  There is no agenda to these meetings; while I facilitate them, participants choose the direction.  A Death Cafe is simply a sociable space to enable consideration and conversation on all manner of subjects in the realm of death.

Canadian Funeral Peer Support

Canadian Funeral Peer Support (CFPS) is a new, national, nonprofit organization,  conceived in Ottawa out of the personal stories and  grassroots efforts of a handful of funeral workers.  In seeking support for their own mental health and well-being among themselves, they exposed a deeply felt and too little talked about matter of mental ill-health among funeral professionals.  Once the word got out, calls came in from across the country.  Canadian Funeral Peer Support was born.

With a mission to promote wholeness and wellness among funeral industry professionals, CFPS works to unite workers through a nationwide network of local support groups.

Please enjoy this introductory video I've created for Canadian Funeral Peer Support.