I am a funeral services student, birth doula, yoga teacher and celebrant from Toronto, ON.  I was born on the Humber River, formerly known as the carrying place, an old portage trail connecting Lake Ontario to, eventually, the Georgian Bay.  I sit today above the Etobicoke Creek, the border with Mississauga, on the Toronto side.  I have lived most of my life in the States to the south.  Rather recently, the winds sent me home.  I am very much learning about this place.

Here in Toronto, I am organizing HONK! ON, an activist brass street band festival.  I will be hosting over 100 musicians from across North America; we will play in parks across West Toronto from July 26-28, 2019.  Brass bands from Providence, RI; Vancouver, BC; Somerville, MA; Detroit, MI, and Toronto, ON will be represented.  I host a Death Cafe on the last Wednesday of every month at Studio.89 in Mississauga.  I play the trombone in Street Brass, a local community band.  We play folk music of the Americas, and learn it in an aural tradition.

I serve on the board of a nonprofit organization for the wellness of workers in the funeral industry across the nation, Canadian Funeral Peer Support .  I am preparing to begin a year-long internship in funeral services, and earn a Class 1 Ontario Funeral Director license.

I tend to follow my curiosities and cultivate my communities.  Prior to funeral school, I worked as a yoga teacher and a doula for childbearing women.  I organized new mother support groups and studied midwifery.  I have lived and worked in wellness centres, eco-villages, homesteads and birth centres in some epic places: around Breitenbush Hot Springs, Willamette National Forest, Oregon;  the red rock crystal mountains of Sedona, Arizona; seaside towns in Goa and Kerala, India.  I still teach yoga and continue to make myself available for yogic wellness consulting.  I am a member of the Canadian Yoga Alliance and the Ayurvedic Association of Canada.

I have juggled since I was a child, a playful practice I evolved out of playing handball on the concrete playgrounds around my Mississauga elementary school.  Today, there is a fence around the beloved woods that separated that schoolyard and my neighbourhood; a pipeline runs through it.  Also a child, I was deathly afraid of fire but have since learned  to juggle that, too.  I have organized and performed with community circus street performance  acts since circa 2003.  I practice Jugging for Self Realization, that is, juggling for mind-body integration and wellness.

I try to do good, to keep learning, to share the good I learn, to help and ask for help, and to  take exquisite care of my self.  I try.

You'll find much more about my offerings, my work, my pastimes within this site.  Thank you for visiting!

Andrea Murphy

Etobicoke, Ontario

May 25, 2019